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ishida-yorifusa.jpgWelcome to the ISHIDA Yorifusa Archives:

This site functions as the information center that conserves the research heritage of Professor Yorifusa Ishida (1932-2015) and makes it available to the entire world.

Dr. Ishida served as Assistant and Associate Professors (1960-84) of the Department of Architectural Engineering, Professor and Director of Urban Research Institute(1984-95). After retirement he was a Part-time Lecturer at the Graduate School of Urban Science(1995-97) and a Visiting Research Professor at Center of Urban Science(1999-2003). (History is here) Note 2

Professor Ishida was a top researcher and educator in Japan in the field of land-use controls and planning, planning history, and city and rural planning. He has left numerous high-level writings. This archives are made in order to conserve his entire research writings and to let you obtain main works directly.

We sincerely wish that many researchers both in Japan and abroad utilize this archives in order to learn Professor Ishida's research heritage and further advance planning research in future.

■Professor Ishida's Major Papers in English

Ishida, Yorifusa (1982) "The District Planning System in Japan: Focus on Its Relationship with Land Readjustment," Conference Proceedings (Nagoya: United Nations Center for Human Settlements), pp. 232-234.
----- (1988) "Some Failures in the Transference of Western Planning System to Japan," PHG Proceedings (Tokyo), pp. 543-567.
----- (1990) "Japanese Industrial Villages and a Reformist Factory Owner," Planning Perspectives, (5:3), pp. 295-305.
----- (1991) "Achievements and Problems of Japanese Urban Planning: Ever Recurring Urban Dual Structures," Comprehensive Urban Studies, No. 43, pp. 5-19.
----- (1993) "Japan in the World History of Modern City Planning," Prospect (International Federation for Housing and Planning), No. 3, pp. 57-60.
----- (1994) "Agricultural Land Use in the Urbanized Area of Tokyo: History of Urban Agriculture in Tokyo," IPHC Proceedings (Hong Kong), pp. 103-123.
----- (1994) "Japanese Urban Land Use Policy: In Historical and Comparative Perspectives." Proceedings of Kyoto Conference on Japanese Studies 1994, II, pp. 121-143.
----- (1994) "The Results Fell Far Short or Even Contrary: The Dispersion Policies of Tokyo from the 1870s to the 1990s and in the Future," Proceeding of the 7th Conference of EAJS, Copenhagen.
----- (1995) "Japanese Equivalents for French 'Quartier'," Proceedings of the Seminar on the Words of the City, CNRS PIR Villes (Paris, CNRS).
----- (1998) "War, Military Affairs and Urban Planning," IPHC Proceedings (Sydney), pp. 393-398.
----- (1998) "Hausse des coefficients d'occupation des sols et environnement urbain," DARUMA, Revue d'études japonaises: du numéro. 3 Printemps, pp. 101-133. (trans. by Natacha Aveline)
----- (2000) "Eika Takayama: The Greatest Figure of Japanese Urban Planning in the 20th Century," IPHC Proceedings (Helsinki).
----- (2003) "Japanese Cities and Planning in the Reconstruction Period: 1945-55," In C. Hein, J. Diefendorf and Y. Ishida, eds., Rebuilding Urban Japan after 1945, London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 17-45.
----- (2003) "Concept of Machi-Sodate and Urban Planning: Prof. Endo's Concept and a Case of Tokyu Den'en Toshi, Unpublished Paper Read at the 10th EAJS Conference, Warsaw (2003.8).
----- (2006) "Local Initiatives and the Decentralization of Planning Power in Japan." In Carola Hein and Philippe Pelletier eds. Cities, Autonomy, and Decentralization in Japan, London and New York: Routledge, pp. 25-54. <9-52>
----- (2006) "Preservation of Urban Farmland and Forests: Particular Policies and Citizen's Participations in Yokohama City," IPHC Proceedings (New Delhi).
----- (2007) "The Concept of Machi-Sodate and Urban Planning: the Case of Tokyû Tama Den'en Toshi," in A. Sorensen and C. Funck, eds., Living Cities in Japan: Citizens' Movements, Machizukuri and Local Environments, Routledge, pp. 115-136.

Ishida Y. and Halina Dunin-Woyseth (1993) "Nihon niokeru Toshi Kukan Keitai to Kakureta Designer (Urban Built Form and the Hidden Urban Designers in Japan)," Comprehensive Urban Studies, No. 49, pp. 139-155. English summary, pp. 154-155.
Ishida, Y. and S. Shoji (1996) "Water Front Development in Tokyo: Tokyo Expanded to Vanishing Tokyo-wan Bay," IPHC Proceedings (Thessaloniki), Vol. 2, pp. 550-564.
N.Hatano and Y. Ishida (1997) "Preservation of Agricultural Landscape under Urban Pressure-A case study in Tokyo Metro-politan Region-," r YOKKAICHI UNIVERSITY JOURNAL of ENVIROMENTAL and INFORMATION SCIENCES Vol1,No.1,2, (Sydney), pp. 79-102.
Hein, C. and Y. Ishida (1998) " Japanische Stadtplanung und Ihre Deutschen Wurzeln," Die Alte Stadt, 3:98, pp. 189-211.
Ishida, Y. and C. Hein (1998) "Machi and Toshi: Cities' Division in Japan," Proceedings of the Seminar on the Words of the City, CNRS PIR Villes (Paris, CNRS).
Hein, C., J. Diefendorf J. and Y. Ishida eds. (2003) " Rebuilding Urban Japan after 1945," London: Palgrave Macmillan.

■Information about Professor Ishida

■2017-1"The Obituary of Professor Yorifusa Ishida (1932-2015): A Pioneer of Planning History in Japan," Watanabe, S.J Planning Perspectives, 32:1, 119-125.
■2017-2"The Planning Theory of Professor Yorifusa Ishida (1932-2015): A Critical Analysis of 'Displanning'," Watanabe, S.J Presented at the 2017 International conference of Asian-Pacific Planning Societies in Nagoya